Recommendations and Practical Rules

Use this device in the morning and evening at a minimum, we recommend to use it also in the afternoon or after your return from work.

• It is recommended to use the device after brushing teeth.

• Point the mouthpiece towards the roots of the teeth.

• The mouthpiece should reach where the teeth and gums meet. The water jet must be set to maximum power.

• Whenever you use the device with gel, start with the most problematic implant or tooth in order to enjoy the gel at its highest concentration level.).

• It is important to focus on the most painful areas of the mouth if you are in pain and not relax your efforts even if it hurts you or starts to bleed.

• This pain simply indicates that a healing process is taking place the more you use this device, concentrating on sensitive areas, the more you will promote the healing process.).

• Keep your mouth almost closed around the mouthpiece to avoid splashing all around.